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Step-By-Step Instructions to Diamond Painting

Don’t be worried if you’re an absolute newbie to the world of Diamond Painting – you’re in safe hands now! Here are step-by-step instructions that can help you get started. There’s literally no way to get it wrong – that’s how easy this is!

  • Your diamond art painting kit will come with a tray, wax, diamond applicator (a pen), and a canvas. Remove all items from your DAC package.
  • Place your canvas on a flat, clean surface. Printed onto the canvas will be a chart and diamonds, which will be labeled with numbers that correspond to a specific symbol. You’ll have to match the diamonds’ color to the corresponding symbols, laying them out on the canvas as per the instructions.
  • Pick one single-color diamond before you get started. Start by pouring the diamonds onto the tray. Holding the tray at an angle and shaking it gently will allow the diamonds to settle properly, thus helping you pick them up with the applicator the right way.
  • Start peeling back the plastic film (only a small section at first) to start working on. We recommend working in small sections for maximum efficiency. It’s important to ensure that the canvas is covered when you pause working on the painting.
  • The wax is contained in a pink square box included in the kit. Peel off the plastic and dip your applicator’s tip in it for filling it up with wax.
  • The applicator’s tip will now be able to pick up diamonds with ease since they’ll start sticking to it. Once you’ve picked it up, press the diamond onto corresponding symbols present on the painting canvas with care.
  • Start adding more wax in case your applicator pen doesn’t pick diamonds smoothly. Better safe than sorry!
  • Keep at it until you’re done.
  • We recommend placing the diamond painting inside an appropriate frame and hanging it up on your walls. It can be an incredibly fulfilling experience and a great way to display your work to others.

We hope you have a ton of fun with your masterpiece!