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About Us

Here at Diamond Painting Collector, it is our firm belief that creating stunning pieces of diamond artwork is both fun and equally therapeutic. We absolutely adore diamond artwork and are prepared to offer enjoyable and easy DIY diamond painting kits that have been created by the world’s most talented designers.


Established back in 2018, Diamond Painting Collector was created with a simple mission in mind – to help people find happiness and peace through the art of Diamond Painting!

We were disappointed with the poor quality diamond art sets that were available at the time. We decided to make sets for drawing with diamonds of the highest quality.

Every day, we strive to make art and crafting therapy enjoyable and accessible to people from all over the globe.

We are expert crafters ourselves (particularly adore cross-stitching!) We know that the best feeling in the world is the satisfaction you get once you’ve completed a stunning piece of art. Our goal is to help others get a taste of that feeling as well!

Every human being on the planet has a colorful and beautiful side to them. It is through our artwork and crafting that we express to the world what we truly are!

What Sets Us Apart

  • Exceptionally Innovative Designer Art

We’ve collaborated with numerous artists and transformed amazing pieces of artwork into 10000 – 30000 dot frames.

  • Vivid Colors

Thanks to our innovative production techniques, our paintings have a noticeable sparkle that enhances their quality and beauty.

  • Velvety Soft Painting Canvases

Every artwork has been rendered on soft, velvet tarpaulin canvases that do not have the slightest hint of wrinkles to them due to their amazing smoothness.

  • Mesmerizing Shine

We cut our resin diamonds to ensure maximum light reflectivity, thus boosting their shine monumentally.


  • Long Lasting Quality

All our paintings have been made keeping durability as the top-priority. Our permanent paintings are fade- and scratch-resistance.


  • Eco-friendly Materials

DAC’s inks and glues are 100% free of harmful toxins, thus ensuring your health is never at risk when you use our products.

Transform Your Diamond Paintings into Stunning Pieces of Art

Once you’re done, you’ll have an amazing, shimmering, colorful, and sparkling diamond art painting, which can boost the spirit of any room in your house.

Be it a gift to your family and friends or a special piece of art for yourself, we’ve got something that will mesmerize your mind here at Diamond Painting Collector.

Reach out to us and find your next big diamond art project to lose yourself in!

Ranked 1st in Customer Support & Satisfaction

We’ve delivered our products to over 250,000 diamond painters from all over the world. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority – we are always available for queries from our customers!


Where We Are

We are a diamond painting company (FODI LLC) based out of the US and headquartered in Los Angeles. Our items are directly shipped from our facilities in China. Your order will be shipped and delivered anywhere between 12 – 30 business days from date of order placement.