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№ 8. 4 Tips to Help You Determine the Ideal Size of Your Diamond Painting

A complete newbie to the exciting world of diamond art painting will have a ton of questions on their mind – what tools do I need? How long does it take to complete a project? What’s the best diamond painting size? All of these are common questions asked by people entering the field of diamond art paintings for the first time. While some answers might be subjective, we’ve offered several guidelines on our website that’ll help you select the diamond painting that’s right for you. When you buy a diamond painting kit from us, we provide every material that you’ll need, including colored beads, wax, drills, and the applicator tool. As you grow and evolve, you might start purchasing extra...

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№7 How To Set Up The Best Diamond Art Painting Studio

Are you a crafty person who’s passionate about finding new fun projects all the time? You’ve probably thought about having your very own art studio at home. A high-quality art project may take days or even weeks to be completed. Having your supplies all over the place may make your house feel unorganized and messy. Keeping your art stuff in random spots around your house also raises the odds of your tools and materials becoming damaged or lost. Even if your current place of residence is small, there are many amazing ways to integrate a full-fledged art studio into your house. We’ve also offered several techniques here that can keep your diamond painting accessories and crafting supplies at easy-to-find locations...

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№6. 9 More Diamond Painting Tricks You Probably Haven't Thought Of

Regardless of whether you’re just an excited beginner or an expert on diamond paintings, there are a number of things to be learned when it comes to Diamond Painting. These nine diamond painting tips are completely unique and unknown to most people. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled them from a number of different sources to present these tips that can boost your diamond painting skills to a whole new level. Eliminate static cling by using Static Guard Fabric Spray If your diamonds are clinging to each other all the time, blast some Static Guard Fabric Spray onto these diamonds to reduce the problem. Alternatively, you can also use normal dryer sheets for ensuring that your diamonds don’t cling to each...

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№5 7 Diamond Painting Tricks You've Definitely Never Thought Of

We’re absolutely crazy about diamond painting! There is nothing like the feeling of unboxing a diamond painting kit, assorting your tools and canvas, and then spending time putting them on the canvas for making a gorgeous and attractive masterpiece. Thankfully, we aren’t alone in this. Therefore, we at Diamond Painting Company make it a point to share tricks, tips, and other important secrets that can help you work on your diamond painting in a much better fashion. Trust us, you will not approach diamond painting the same way again once you’ve gone through our resources. We’ve taken input from hundreds of different customers and readers to compile a list of the best diamond tips & tricks. Keep reading to learn...

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№3 The 7 Best Ways To Display Your Finished Diamond Painting

You’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, working to complete your new Diamond Painting masterpiece. After you’ve completed it, one question still remains: ‘How am I going to display this painting now?’ You need to show your amazing diamond paintings to the people around you. Thankfully, there are a number of options you can use for displaying diamond paintings, based on your imagination and your budget. After going through feedback and personal experiences submitted by hundreds of delighted customers, we have come up with the top 7 diamond painting display ideas that will take your diamond paintings to the next level. Quick Note about sealing your painting kit: If the completed painting is a perfect fit for the frame...

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