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6 Factors to Consider When Selecting Photos for your Custom Painting!

Ever asked yourself how to paint a memory? You see, everyone takes photos for their favorite moments in life. But there are many ways to make these recordings even more beautiful. And one of those is to make a custom painting using diamond art! This option allows you to turn a dear memory into a beautiful painting. You can have that hanging on a wall to remind you and loved ones of the old times! Want to know what the best part is? You can create everything with your own hands, leading to a stunning, meaningful and unique result! However, there’s one thing to keep in-mind. You’re not picking a ready-made kit to paint your memories. You’ll actually need a...

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Here’s The Reason Your Diamond Painting is Lacking Details

Trying to judge an art kit by its size? If so, here’s a little tip to help you out. Most experienced painters think that the bigger the art kit, the better it is. For newcomers to this craft, this might be bad news. After all, if you are just starting out with diamond art, you’ll normally like the smaller paintings (since they’re clearer and cheaper). But small paintings aren’t all there is. That is, you should have a better focus in-mind. When making a larger painting, you’ll find it as more realistic and more detailed, and you’ll find yourself putting more consideration into it. So below, we’ll discuss how you can pick a suitable canvas for your upcoming painting! First...

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The Perfect Guide to Meditating With Diamond Art Paintings!

Painting and meditation are both well-proven, well-studied therapeutic endeavors. Despite being different, both are beneficial in their ability to create inner peace and a strong sense of mindfulness. Plus, they create a relaxed emotional state! In essence, meditation painting helps you better understand your emotional state, adapt to it, and make the best of it! With that in-mind, it isn’t a surprise that most experts have found a way to combine these two activities into the therapeutic activity of meditation painting. That’s what we’ll look at below. Below, we’ll look at how you can gain joy and mindfulness through diamond art painting. We’ll discuss what it is, its detailed benefits, and the best way to go about it! First -...

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6 Impressive Advantages of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting art is becoming a growing trend worldwide for quite a few reasons. Not only does diamond painting fulfill the necessity to escape from our daily busy routines, but it lets you feel like a true artist, even if there is no single artistic cell in you. Diamond paintings overall are entertaining, immersive, and appealing enough to display on a wall. The benefits of diamond painting do not stop here though. From controlling stress levels and depression to offering you a common hobby that lets you meet like-minded diamond painters and make new friends. Beyond an ordinary activity, diamond painting offers several physical and cognitive perks as well. Thus, if you are wondering why diamond painting art is skyrocketing...

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№19. Tips & Tricks On Diamond Painting For Children

Diamond art painting kits have a wide range of advantages for kids. From supporting motor coordination to expressing and boosting creativity, they are a very engaging and productive art. Diamond painting art can also be even more exciting and beneficial for our little friends. Through diamond painting art, children can build their confidence and sense of achievement. They can also nurture their artistic side and show it off, by hanging their finished painting for everyone else to see and admire it.Therefore, if you wish to get a kid-friendly diamond painting, ensure that their first encounter with this form of art is a positive one by using these tips and suggestions: Why Diamond Painting Is A Great Activity For Children Diamond...

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