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Use Your Vacuum And Spare Leggings To Pick Up Your Fallen Diamonds

Diamond painting requires a lot of care and hard work. One wrong move and the diamonds will fall on the floor like rain in slow motion. If you are starring at all those tiny diamonds scattered across the floor of your room, don’t worry at all. We have a simple hack that can help you collect those tiny diamonds in no time.

Here are the supplies you need for this job:

This hack is pretty easy to understand, but it’s a life-saver after you have got the hang of it. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Get a pair of pantyhose or leggings

You can go for either a pantyhose or pair of legging that you don’t need any more.

Step 2: Put the leggings or pantyhose over the vacuum cleaner hose like shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Now, turn on the vacuum and suck up all of the scattered diamonds.

Remember: don’t turn off the device before you place the diamonds over the garbage bin or your diamond tray if you want to use them again.

So, you can see how simple this life hack is. You can try this the next time you get into this type of situation. Also, you can try our custom diamond painting kits at Diamond Painting Collector (DPC).

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  • Lucille HInkelman

    What a brilliant idea. I’ve used scotch tape and it takes forever to pick them up. I’ll have to try this the next time I spill my diamonds. We all know that there will be a next time.

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