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These 7 Pets Have a Knack for Diamond Painting

Although you don’t need a pet to help you with Diamond Painting, it may help a lot. In other words, your furry friend can give you plenty of emotional support. So, we worked with Diamond Painting to look for these amazing photos of lovely cats and dogs. They can be seen helping their owners with their Diamond Painting projects.

  1. This kitty

So, this cute kitty is giving a helping hand to his owner. What a cute, little adorable cat!

Photo courtesy of Shanny Estcourt‎

  1. This dog

Difficult to find any similarity!

Photo courtesy of Jena Marie DiPinto

  1. This cute cat

Your painting is now my property.

Photo courtesy of Asha Stephens‎

  1. This dog

Hang on; I will give you a helping hand.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Riehl‎‎.

  1. This cat

“I will go for square drill”

Photo courtesy of Christina Kuper‎‎‎.

  1. This cat

That’s it. Time to take a nap now.

Photo courtesy of Beth Rossignol‎‎‎‎.

  1. This cat.

Looks like the best spot to rest on.

Photo courtesy of Donna Green‎‎‎‎‎

So, do you have a pet that gives you  a helping hand with your diamond painting projects. If so, don’t forget share your photos with us!

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