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The Perfect Guide to Meditating With Diamond Art Paintings!

Painting and meditation are both well-proven, well-studied therapeutic endeavors.

Despite being different, both are beneficial in their ability to create inner peace and a strong sense of mindfulness. Plus, they create a relaxed emotional state!

In essence, meditation painting helps you better understand your emotional state, adapt to it, and make the best of it!

With that in-mind, it isn’t a surprise that most experts have found a way to combine these two activities into the therapeutic activity of meditation painting.

That’s what we’ll look at below. Below, we’ll look at how you can gain joy and mindfulness through diamond art painting.

We’ll discuss what it is, its detailed benefits, and the best way to go about it!

First - What is the Meditation Painting?

It’s classified as an MBAT (mindfulness-based art therapy).

Meditation painting is normally done with water colors and traditional pastels. But, diamond art meditation can act as a good medium too.

Generally, visual art is the main output of meditation painting. Incorporating aspects of nature can be beneficial too, which may include painting a scene of nature or a self-portrait.

This self-contained, neat simple system is perfect for seniors, adults and children alike.

In general, the goal of meditation activities is to establish a sense of relaxed focus. You’ll want to let your mind flat into a relaxed introspection state. And by completing a diamond canvas in a peaceful, quiet environment, the participant will be able to drown into a focused sense of awareness!

But not only does meditation painting create a sense of focus. It also enhances the practitioner’s creative energy, which helps participants cope with stressful feelings, sadness and even worry or anger!

And did we mention therapy? Anything that helps the brain focus quietly on a creative task is eligible as a mindfulness-based therapy art. As a result, this self-contained, neat simple system is perfect for seniors, adults and children alike!

So What Are The Benefits of Meditation Painting?

Meditation painting comes with many benefits. The benefits apply on a personal level, and on a relational level.

Those benefits include:

  • Fostering self-awareness of others’ needs
  • Provides you better insight into other peoples’ behavior
  • Makes you more emotionally resilient
  • Enhances your public self-esteem and social skills
  • Improves your sensorimotor and cognitive functions.
  • Resolves and reduces distress and conflicts.

Those are just the main benefits you’d notice from personal experience.

Also, some available research shows that this therapy is promising for other emotional and mental health issues, such as:

  • Anxiety. Meditation painting has positive measurable impacts on adults suffering from anxiety. That is, art therapy can reduce symptoms of anxiety as well as improving life quality. It also enhances emotional regulation for adult women. Any focused quiet activity supplementing meditation painting can help apply a physically relaxing effect, as well!
  • Depression. The art therapy method helps improve depression symptoms, even if for a severe case. As a matter of fact, art therapy is capable of helping with mood disturbance. Also, stress in in individuals suffering from depression is usually reduced. Art therapy also reduces the need for different therapeutic interventions, like traditional psychotherapy.
  • Fatigue and Physical Pain: Maybe the best applications for this type of therapy. Art therapy can aid those suffering from diseases that cause severe exhaustion. There is a study that shows the intervention of art therapy, alongside the traditional therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, reduces the severity of symptoms in patients with cancer.
  • Emotional Trauma. Art activities have been employed for a long time to aid sufferers and traumatized/depressed patients. It’s especially helpful to those with chronic stress and anxiety. Meditation art has also been used for treating children suffering from trauma (and) those who were hospitalized because of physical illness.
  • Eating Disorders. Art therapy is used by specialists to aid those suffering from eating disorders. It helps stabilize their emotional states, while addressing the emotions or fears that may have started their eating disorders before.

How Can Diamond Art be Used for Meditation?

Diamond painting provides one of the best tools to help with meditation activities.

So you’re getting a dual benefit. First, you get to produce something that’s actually beautiful in the long-run. You’ll end up with something that makes you proud, and that translate into long-term therapeutic benefits!

Also, unlike drawing or traditional painting, diamond art is easy to get started with. The kits are beginner friendly, so you don’t have to go through an education process just to get the meditative benefits of it.

Basically, it deletes any need for prior artistic experiences. And, you’re not required to have any special art skills, which makes it an approachable domain!

Diamond art needs no art supply collection. Also, you don’t need special equipment or even steady “practiced” hands. It is actually an easy and user-friendly to try.

By buying some of our art kits and applying the instructions which come along, you’ll have an easy and painless start. That is, you’ll get an ultra-relaxing method.

Regardless, there are still ways for you to better improve your experience. And that’ll include:

Choosing a Calming Canvas.

Pick one of our diamond art kits that gives you a calming feeling, sense of wonder and depth of introspection. A scene of an ocean or a forest full of animals interacting with each other is a good example.

This step is key, since choosing the wrong scene and subject might produce feelings you don’t desire.


Create a Peaceful and Quiet Environment.

Establishing your activity in a chaotic spot is not the best thing to do. That is, if you are looking for a sense of calm, you will need to make a workspace that is comfortable.

The right workspace will help you spend as much time as you like perfecting your diamond arts peacefully. Below are some of ways to create a suitable environment for your therapy:

  • Light candles in an invigorating but calming scent. Use them to dive into a mindset that is creative and not clouded by any worries or stress.
  • Work with people practicing the same activities or in solitude. Try to avoid practicing meditation painting amongst people practicing different activities. Noisy nearby activities should be avoided, such as cleaning, cooking or people watching television around you.
  • Use calming music. This should help extract any ambient distracting noise. It’ll help you deal with persistent noises too, like neighbors’ TV, or outdoors traffic. Try playing instrumentals and soft music which won’t distract from any mantras you’re using.

And on the topic of mantras…

Select a Mantra.

When it comes to meditation, mantras used in the head or aloud-are meant to help you focus your mind. They can also help practitioners focus on their own meditation.

It’s especially necessary to prevent yourself from wondering off. You can pick the mantra which applies to your therapy’s intention. As an example, you can say “I hope I find my inner peace” or “I am what I am” repeatedly within your mind to be able to stay within the moment.

Work on Your Own Painting.

It is recommended that you choose specified timeframe for working on meditation artwork. Try to work on it every day. Consider taking an hour before work each morning (or an hour at night) for art therapy. This’ll ensure that you view it as a vital routine in your life.

Analyze Your Life Experiences.

Analyzing your life experiences is very important. You should monitor how you felt practicing your daily art routine. Also, take it an opportunity to find the negative feelings you experienced along the way. Record and analyze them, and try to find their roots.

The Best Kits of the Diamond Art for Meditation

Any type of creativity brings a therapeutic benefit. For example, a nature-themed diamond painting is going to affect your brain different from a bustling city theme.

That’s not to say that nature themes are the way to go. It’s different for each individual, and it depends on the specific of the painting too. Though nature themes are the best for meditative benefits.

If you’re seeking inner peace and calmness, consider selecting one of the following themes:

  • Golden Sunset. This design combines beautiful golden colors with a sense of calmness and stillness. You get a quiet sea look that’s relaxing on the eyes on mind. Its fiery hues are beautiful without being too extravagant, making it perfect for meditation.


  • Fantasy Tree. It’s a beautiful array of different colors coming together, thus creating a natural and inspirational image. You’ll get beautiful contrasting leaves taking a tree shape, but there’s even more depth when you study the image closely. That is, it’s an image that’ll feed all levels of your imagination!
  • Beach Hut. Only few things get as inspirational and as beautiful as a sunset on a beach setting. This lovely scene contains soothing hues with colors of orange and blue to trigger the feeling of a deep inspiration and serenity. It feels like having spent a whole week on a vacation. This painting is for those who get inspired by the waters!
  • Serenity Patterns. While it isn’t a nature scene, it comes with beautiful swirly patterns of metallic color. Plus, many of them do resemble budding plants, so you still get an element of nature in it. But, it’s easy to drown your mind in those patterns. That is, they come with a calm and hypnotic effect!
  • Valley Sunset. It’s a simple look. You get a beautiful setting sun, with a long tree that’s centering it. It gives the image a calm tropical vibe, and all colors in it are natural. It’s an abstraction of something you’d only see on a distant travel to a remote jungle!
  • Autumn Landscape. This time, you get a marshy land with a niche river flowing through. The trees come with orange leaves, signifying autumn season, and the approaching of winter. It’s one of the more calming seasons, and it’ll help you achieve a calm mind!
  • Spring Fuji. Springtime has its own serenity style, as shown in this inspiring and beautiful landscape. It’s also the opposite season of the previous option, which is probably what you’re looking for. Here, you get a glimpse of the end of winter too, which adds a cold beauty to the image!
  • Wild West Horses. This is a different type of calm. It provides a comforting sense of stimulation. It is not invigorated overly; however, it surely does enliven one's mind as well as awakening the senses. Starting your morning by working on this unique scene should give you a boost!
  • Beautiful Beach. The rolling soft sand and blue deep water within this painting gives you the feeling of being in a complete vacation trance. These visuals give a feeling of a long day stretch on a beautiful beach under the warm sun without a single care in this world.

  • Beautiful Beach Bridge. Yet another amazing scene of the ocean, this outstanding depiction takes our souls to a location with a photographic and realistic effect. This contrast between a purple sunset seas alongside these wood piers, makes this view look like a different dimension.

What Should You Go For?

Are you ready to explore the previous options?

Our store is one of the most resourceful for finding kits that fit your endeavors.

Featuring a color-coded stone and a simple to use diamond applicator, you’ll get an experience that maximizes your level of delight!

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