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Framing Diamond Paintings: 4 Tips to Help You Out!

Framing is an important part of structuring your art.

With a frame, you give your work a good container to complement it. It’s a part of the final look, and it creates a strong impression on those who see it.

You’ll especially need frames you want to hang up your diamond paintings. That is, if you’re hanging them at home, in an office, or shipping them to a friend, then a frame adds to the look!

So how do you accomplish that? We’ll explain that through the 4 tips below. Check them out, and finalize your art piece!

First – Know Your Options.

There are a multitude of ways to display diamond arts. They range from standard frames, to artist stretcher bats, canvas gluing, or even the help of a pro framing service!

To get started with the first…

#1 – Try Standard Frames

Standard frames come with a convenience advantage. You can easily shop for them at an art shop, and they’re quiet varied.

They come with different finishes and styles. So you’ll definitely find something that suits your best diamond paintings!

However, do note that some standard frames might not fit the canvas of your painting. In that case, you’ll need to trim down your canvas for a proper fit.

Alternatively, you can do the following:
  • Pick frames that are smaller than the art canvas
  • Place your painting face-down for an easy trim.
  • Make you use cutting mats. Proceed to take off 1-2 inches with an XACTO knife.
  • Ignoring the glass piece, proceed to frame your art piece like a regular photo. Make sure to avoid framing the glass, as to not block the sparkle of your diamonds!

#2 – Try Stretcher Bars

This method is how you commonly see professionals framing their canvas paintings. They’re viable for art of all sizes and shapes.

As the name applies, you’ll need to stretch your finished canvas across the wooden parts. The result will be a canvas with a strong 3-D look that’s simple to hang anywhere!

However, do take into consideration that those bars aren’t actually frames. It’s simply that the wooden stretchers will host the canvas edges, which gives it its beautiful look!

The following steps will help you use a stretcher bar:
  • Start by measuring your painting. Determine whether you’d like to have a border or not. If you don’t want a border, then your canvas will stretch around the painting.
  • Pick stretcher bars which are a bit smaller than your canvas.
  • Wrap your canvas to the bars. Hold it down with a staple gun, and make sure it’s taut. For a neater look, you can try substituting staple guns with U nails.
  • Add wall mounts to your canvas (top of stretcher bar) – letting you hand it anywhere!

#3 – Try Gluing to Art Canvas

Alternatively, you can start your diamond painting with a pre-made art canvas!

You get a cleanliness advantage. That is, all you need is to head to a craft store, get an empty canvas, then create a flawless and clean design using staple guns!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Pick a canvas smaller than the diamond art you’d like to hang. Ensure that the width and length are 2 inches smaller, letting you stretch the painting easier.
  • Always use cutting mats.
  • Use craft glue to cover the canvas’ back. Apply it evenly to the entire back, and try to avoid the edges. Ensure you’re not using quick-drying glues.
  • After applying glue, press your blank canvas towards the diamond painting canvas. Ensure that it’s positioned right at the center.
  • With the artwork being flat around the canvas, cut the canvas’s edges, and leave around 2 inches throughout the perimeter.
  • Apply glue to canvas edges. Press the glue around the canvas’s sides so that they’re wrapping around them, thus completing the design.
  • Hang after the glue dries completely.

#4 – Get a Professional to Frame it

By now, you’ve put much work into making your diamond painting. So just to be safe, you can outsource the framing job to someone who understands proper framing.

A professional at a craft store or frame shop has a variety of samples for you to pick from. You can find different sizes and shapes to match your aesthetic sense!

In Summation

Remember, while diamond art painting is easy to learn, it takes a while to complete. So you never want to mess up the framing process.

So with framing, you’ll always have unique pieces to dazzle. But it doesn’t end there.

We recommend learning more about this art form. You can explore our “how to guide” to make the process simpler!

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