Diamond Painting: What is It?

Looking for a new visual trend? Want to catch the train on something that’ll dominate the art and crafting worlds? If so, diamond art painting is what you should try!

This style focuses on canvas painting that uses rich pigments. They’re meant to be colorful (and as the world diamond implies), shining, sparkly, and somewhat geometric!

But Why Try It?

Let’s just say that its practitioners find it less stressful than other forms of painting. There’s a sense of structure in this art form especially as you put diamond together piece by piece.

Slowly, as the full image begins to manifest, you’ll end up with an amazing work of art!

It’s also an easy entry point for inspiring artists. Not to mention that it’s easy, and it works well whether you’re experienced or not. It’s effortless in execution. It’s also not messy, so there’s no cleaning up afterwards.

And finally, you’ll have a solo hobby that’ll let you relax and unwind with beautiful results to show!

To Get Started: Some Instructions

The process of making your painting is simple to understand. Its 3 steps are as follows:

  • Dip the applicator’s tip into the wax strip
  • Take each diamond – press your applicator onto the faceted-round side of the diamond
  • Add each one to the canvas – place it as instructed by the color-coding chart

That’s all there is to it. Keep repeating until you have a masterpiece of a painting ready.

In fact with Diamond Painting Collector the process is even more enjoyable, since we offer top quality kits to get you going!

In fact…


Here’s What Special About Diamond Painting Collector

We offer a multitude of kits and diamond art collections to get you started. That is, after you’re done with one work of art, you can always come back for more!

Diamond Painting Collector is a place that’ll fuel your new hobby endlessly. You can always find new releases that’ll match your sense of aesthetic. And those releases belong to a variety of niches!

In fact, you’ll never have to worry about a tiring experience. Our collections are highly quality, so you won’t be disappointed with a shabby end result after putting together a canvas for hours.

The diamonds we offer are premium and reflective. Plus, they look much better in reality than on our online displays!

In fact, you can expect the following from the kits we offer:

  • Excellent quality canvas templates
  • Canvas color charts that match the super-reflective diamonds per kit
  • Applicator tools, wax and trays to allow easy placement of diamonds
  • Simplified instructions to suit beginners
All you’ve got to do is choose the final image or art that you want restructured – and we’ll ship it all the way to your home!

Next: Different Types of Diamonds to Know About

There are two types of diamonds. They’re both beautiful, and what you pick is a matter of what you like. They are:

Square Diamonds: It takes a longer time to place those in a painting. However, you can cover an entire canvas with them (including the edges), giving you a full mosaic look.

Round Diamonds: Faster and easier to use than square types. They also don’t block together like square diamonds do, so the canvas color might seep through a bit. Some people love that look, so again, it’s a preference issue.

AB (Aurora Borealis) Diamonds: A subtype of round diamonds, but they’re not as available as the standard ones. They come with a special iridescent coating that mimics Northern Lights colors. They shine beautifully, and they work well for celebration displays.

If you don’t know which diamond type to pick, visit the following link (click here) – it’ll tell you how to find what matches you best!

But with the basics out of the way, let’s look at the operatives. We’ll discuss some tips to follow when painting a canvas!


Eight Painting Tips to Follow

The list below is a bit brief. For a more comprehensive guide, check out our series on painting tips!

  • Make sure all materials are laid out on a surface. Keep them organized and easy to reach. Then, pick a part of the canvas to work on
  • Check the chart to find the colors which fit the chosen part. Pick a color to start with, and find the diamonds that match
  • Add the selected diamonds into the attached tray
  • Shake it gently until the diamonds stabilize with their flat side facing down. Ensure that the faceted sides face up, which makes it easier to operate with an applicator
  • Gently take off the canvas’ plastic film as you begin to work on each new part. This protects the final painting from dust, while ensuring that the adhesive lasts longer
  • Place the diamonds, beginning with the design’s bottom corner. Slowly work upwards.
  • When you finish a session, use cellophane to cover the applicator’s wax. Also, get a replacement plastic for the area you were painting
  • After you finish the painting, add the protective plastic film over the diamonds. Softly apply pressure to the canvas with a book or rolling pin, which should lock the diamonds into place

Obviously, the previous instructions aren’t all there is to diamond art painting. Simply check our website for more guides! There, you’ll learn techniques that hone your skills, while helping you create masterpieces!


There are Multiple Selections to Try!

The artwork you create will make any room beautiful. Just hang on up at home, and watch people ask for their own.

With our online store, you have a wide range of designs to try. Pick one for you, friends, or family!

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