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3 Secrets To Opting for The Perfect Photo For Your Custom Diamond Painting

If you have a photo on your PC or mobile phone and want to transform it into a diamond painting, you should hold it right there. Just because your photo looks great on your smartphone doesn't mean it will make an awesome diamond painting. So, what is the way out then? We have 3 secrets to go for the best photo for your diamond painting project. Let's know those secrets.

  1. Look for high-resolution photos only
  2. Consider the colors and shading of the photo
  3. Choose a canvas that fits your photo

1. Look for high-resolution photos only

An HD photo is large, high-quality, and taken in a well-lit environment. Make sure that the photo is neither blurry nor pixilated. If you go for a low-resolution, blurry photo, the resulting painting will not look good enough. In other words, each diamond represents one pixel. Therefore, if you want details in your painting, you need a lot of pixels.

Pro tip: If you are not sure of the quality of the image, we suggest that you import the image in a photo-viewer on your mobile or PC and zoom it in. If the image looks pixilated, know that it's not a high-resolution photo.

2. Consider the colors and shading of the photo

According to many diamond painting hobbyists, the white part in their diamond painting looks quite different than that of the original photo. Similarly, they wonder why the black part of their diamond painting consists of green and brown diamonds.

Here is what happens: if the source image is slightly blue or red, this color will be considerably magnified in the diamond painting. And when the photo has a slight red hue, the red color will bleed into other areas of your painting that are supposed to be white.

When a picture is turned into a custom canvas, each pixel becomes more prominent. You will have a similar experience if you look at yourself in close-up mirrors. This will make you notice every single spot, wrinkle, and pore.

If you want to fix this problem, we suggest that you import the photo into a photo editor for color adjustments. You can submit your photo to a professional service provider as well. LunaPic is a good alternative if you want to do it yourself.

These basic color adjustments can make a huge difference. Therefore, don't ignore the hues and colors in the source photo.

At Diamond Painting Collector (DPC), our Photoshop experts can adjust the tone and color of your photos for your diamond painting project.

3. Choose a canvas that fits your photo

Before you go for a canvas, you need to consider the two factors given below:

  1. First, you need to decide on the size of the canvas
  2. Second, you need to choose between square, portrait, or landscape canvas

Size of the canvas

If you want to decide on the canvas size, make sure you consider the number of people and animals in the source photo. Given below is a chart that can help you opt for the best size for your canvas based on the number of people or animals in the image.

As a general rule, you need to go for a large canvas should you want more details in the final painting.

Shape of the canvas

It depends on the original photo. For instance, if the original photo is square, you will need to buy a square canvas. In other words, the canvas size depends on the aspect ratio of the source photo. If your source photo is landscape, the canvas should also be landscape.

If you want to create a landscape canvas from a square photo, the original photo will need to be cropped. So, you need to keep this point in mind before you place your order with us.

Do you have your own secret to opting for the best photo for your diamond painting? If, let's know in the comments below. Also, you can go to Diamond Painting to choose a diamond painting kit.

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