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№19. Tips & Tricks On Diamond Painting For Children

Diamond art painting kits have a wide range of advantages for kids. From supporting motor coordination to expressing and boosting creativity, they are a very engaging and productive art.

Diamond painting art can also be even more exciting and beneficial for our little friends. Through diamond painting art, children can build their confidence and sense of achievement. They can also nurture their artistic side and show it off, by hanging their finished painting for everyone else to see and admire it.
Therefore, if you wish to get a kid-friendly diamond painting, ensure that their first encounter with this form of art is a positive one by using these tips and suggestions:

Why Diamond Painting Is A Great Activity For Children

Diamond art is something beyond shiny gems--it’s an excellent artistic expression for children for several reasons. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Improved Focus. Diamond painting art enables children to improve their focus on various productive tasks instead of being distracted by mindless T.V shows or video games.
  • Exercise of Patience. Children tend to have a short temper and expect that all the stuff around them goes in their favor. If your kid is like this, getting them a diamond painting will show them the qualities of patience and stamina.
  • Offer a calming sensation. According to a study on meditation, diamond art provides a soothing and calming expression for kids to let off some steam after a busy week. If their day was poor or tiring, let them sit down for a couple of hours and engage themselves with gleaming diamond art.
  • Develops Confidence. Diamond painting helps make children experience that extra oomph of confidence and self-recognition that they demand. Once they complete their piece of art, they will be proud and ready to show it off to the world.
  • Uncovers a New Art Form. Even if your child is taught art classes in school, they’ll most probably don’t teach kids diamond painting. Thus, not only does diamond painting uncover a new art form to kids, but it enables them to experiment with a different method for crafting pictures.


Diamond Painting Set Types And How To Choose One For Children

There are two distinct types of diamond painting sets. Still, it is paramount to tell their differences and choose the most appropriate one for your kid.

Rounded Vs Square Drills

Square bead diamond sets are a tad more complicated compared to rounded drill diamond sets. Thus, it’s best to ask yourself what your kid can confidently craft.

For beginners and small kids under 10 years old, rounded drills are a great choice. However, if your child is older than 10 or has developed good motor and focus skills, a square drill set will be a more engaging and entertaining experience. If you are still not sure about your kid’s skill level, the safest option is to get them a rounded diamond drill kti first.

Partial Vs Full Drills

Both types come with their pros for children users. Full drills, however, need a tad more skillful hand and precision as they need children to attach the diamonds on the whole canvas.
For more skilled hands, this challenging form could be a great match. On the contrary, a partial drill kit might prove a better choice for children who are regularly distracted or need to take small breaks after some time. Partial drills as their name suggests provide a partial space to stick the diamonds while the remaining is painted.

Tips For Making Diamond Painting More Pleasant For Kids.

Kids are quick to judge whether they like a new activity or not. Thus, ensure that you prepare a pleasant experience from scratch. We offer you some suggestions to keep their interest high in this beautiful creative expression.

As specified earlier, make sure to get the appropriate drill set for your kid’s skill level. Of course, if this is their first-time they engage with the art, get a partial drill kit to prevent them from quitting the project before completion.

Also, prepare a properly lit art station with a nice and clean surface to work with. Ensure that they have access to a comfy and functional chair and have an extra light source at hand e.g. LED light board to prevent eye fatigue.

Last but not least, ensure that they take some breaks. Sitting and working for several hours can result in neck and back strains. Do track their time and breaks, set up a timer for an hour or so and when it goes “bing”, give them a treat or drink or show them how to stretch their legs.

Also, make sure to choose a kid-friendly painting subject for them to work on. We offer many kid-friendly pieces--from famous cartoon figures to animals and nature diamond painting sets. We also have a mystical and fantasy-themed collection of art kids with mythological creatures e.g. mermaids, fairies, and dragons. There are so many options to spark your child’s imagination and creativity.

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