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№ 18. Essential Tools & Supplies For Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a great way to explore your creative side, even if there is no single creative cell in your body. By using a placement tool and wax, you can pick up the beads and settle them on a sticky canvas which comes with a shade-coded design pattern. To put it differently, the task is so easy that even a kid can do it. But even seasoned creatives feel the appeal of this amazing activity.

This is beyond an ordinary crafty activity. Since diamond painting is considered by studies to be a type of MBAT therapy (mindfulness-based-art-therapy), you may even find peace, joy and recollection while exploring your creative side.
But, if you are a newbie at diamond painting, you may get overwhelmed by the range of supplies and tools packed in each set. You may possibly wonder what is actually featured in the kit or what you have to buy separately. Additionally, there is a range of other extras to complete your diamond painting projects.

From essential diamond tools to lightweight wax pads and frames, we will guide you through the essential tools that you need to have and other supplemental ones.

Essential Materials & Tools For Diamond Painting Art

From pens to rollers and wax pads, here are the essential diamond painting materials to get you ready for this delightful new activity.

Pens & Drills

The totally essential tool you need to have for a diamond painting is a placement pen. There are two categories of diamond painting pens to make your selection: drill and wax pens. Let’s now examine how each kind works:

Drill pens. These are a more conventional pick and they are usually featured in a standard diamond painting set. If you use this kind, you just dip into the wax or adhesive and lift the diamond. The next step is to drop the bead in its corresponding place in the pattern.

Wax pens. Wax pens drop wax right onto the diamond bit, bypassing the extra stage. When a wax pen is almost run out of wax, you just sharpen it and quickly return to work on your kit.

Diamond drill wheel collector pen--These pen types provide sticky well on one edge that enables you to pick-up diamonds easily by wrapping them across a painting tray. You may also roll these to press the diamonds down and take them off.

Note that every diamond painting set includes a glue or wax to get your ready so you don’t have to purchase these separately.

LED Light Board

Another handy tool to have is the LED light board. Not only can a LED box lighten up each diamond from down, creating a mesmerizing look, but it also reduces tired eyes. Diamond art LED light boards are particularly useful in ensuring that every diamond bead is pressed in the right position, avoiding any mishaps or discrepancies. This will allow you to know exactly where the drill has to go. It can also be battery-powered and rechargeable for your convenience.

The diamond art LED box we offer comes with several perks. First of it it’s extra thin, flat and lightweight, so you can carry it on the go anywhere you wish.
It also does not require any batteries to work and so you don’t have to carry batteries with you. Instead, it is linked to a 3.3ft USB cable through personal devices such as a computer device, phone adaptor or power source.

Another plus of the diamond LED light box is that the lamp doesn’t flicker, which means that you will encounter less eye fatigue and headaches. If you frequently suffer from these problems, this is very important. LED lights also display a brighter and cleaner surface.

Our LED light pad lasts up to 50K hours of repeat usage. Now, that is plenty of time to spare on doing your diamond painting. It also comes with a 1-year warranty in case something goes off.

Wax Vs Glue

Each diamond art kit comes with some kind of sticky material e.g. wax or glue. Ny using your pen’s empty nib, you take the glue and pick up the diamond drill. This will allow you to move each colored bead to their respective spot avoiding any droppings. Once you check its place, you simply move the drill to the sticky surface without having to re-add the adhesive. You may use the same droplet another time if you wish.

There are many online tutorials that show you how to use the adhesive properly. Thus, if you are a newbie at this, check out a few tutorials to learn proper application and sticking methods.

Extra Diamond Painting Tools To Complete Your Kit

Art Tables & Easels

Do you wish to set-up a full diamond art painting studio? If YES, an art table or easel is a great addition to your kit. Keep in mind though that there are many different specifics of a table or easel that you should check out.

Angled & Height-Adaptable. Go for a craft/art table which can be angled easily, saving you from the fuss of operating hunched over and strain your back. Likewise, ensure that it is height-adaptable as well.

See-through surface. Check out a transparent craft table for your diamond art studio. This wills serve as a big light pad, emitting a light from underneath.

Storage Units. Storage units are another useful accessory as well. They allow you to keep your gems and pens organized and secured, away from small kids or pets who have a tendency to place small objects in their mouths.

At least you should grab yourself a drawing panel or easel that bends. Getting a bendable easel can also prevent bad posture and neck fatigue problems. Plus, you can easily attach your tiltable board over your current table. If you like working on your kitchen table, which is exposed to natural UV light, a drawing board or easel provides a flexible and adjustable solution.

Ergonomic Chair

In addition to having the right working station, you may also consider buying a comfy and practical chair. Sitting for several hours in a row can really take its toll on your back and neck, leading to major neck and back strains. Thus, treat yourself with an ergonomic chair that allows you to sit comfortably and nicely for a long time, as you are working on your diamond painting.

Test different chair products, but finally choose the one with a flexible backrest that fits the form of your spine. Additionally, ensure that your feet stay relaxed on the floor or raised higher, if you prefer, with a foot brace. When you are not pressing a diamond bead, ensure that the armrests are directly accessible so you can loosen up your shoulders. Generally speaking, your arm’s height should be the same as your desk’s/table’s height.

Storage Units

When it comes to storage units, it’s best to find something to keep your diamonds and beads nice and neat. These storage units will allow you to jump right into the task without spreading everything across or clean up any mess. We present you with some storage ideas to keep your diamond painting kit organized and hassle-free.

Diamond Organizer

Thanks to this 28-place diamond organizer, you can easily keep tabs on all your colored beads. Each of the 28 separate slots comes with screw-on cover as a part of a bigger organizer container. Thanks to this case, you won’t likely lose a single bead again.

For a more cost-efficient and pocket-friendly choice, there are some painting tips and tricks to employ. For instance, you can use a recycled egg container or just keep the beads in plastic small bags and label each with a round sticker that corresponds to its code.

Additional Diamond Beads

Mishaps may occur occasionally, and diamond beads have a tendency to slide off and vanish. Thus, you may need to have extra beads at hand. Whatever their shape is, square or rounded, make sure to get additional diamonds in the same shape for your piece of art.

When you go for a diamond art set, your pack will tell you which diamonds it comes with. However, in the unfortunate case that you forget or dump your kit, here are the three main kinds of diamonds to have:

⦁ Rounded diamonds. These are simple and quick to use.
⦁ Square diamonds. These yield a mosaic-like effect and they attach easily, from one to edge to another.
⦁ AB (Aurora Borealis) type diamonds. Featured in chosen painting kits, these produce an impressive holographic lightening effect.

Foldable Magnifying Glass

Like any activity which demands good eye-hand coordination, having a magnifying glass will clear up your scope and allow you to check your diamond pressing progress. A foldable magnifier in this case is handy for those who struggle to notice any tiny parts or who are farseeing. Using a magnifier with a LED light is even better.

Large Diamond Trays

While all Diamond Art Club Kits come with a small tray to keep gems nice and closely together, some may prefer a bigger tray. You can find more accommodating trays with larger drop-spouts, letting you arrange your gems for a more systemic kit. The majority of diamond trays also feature stainless steel tweezers to toss up the small gems around without tearing them.


Once you have finished your showpiece, you may wish to frame it! Fortunately, it’s quite simple to frame your diamond art painting as it involves just a few quick steps.


You can use a regular-size frame purchased at your local hobby or art supply shop. There are several styles and patterns to match your current decor. However, note that some diamond painting kits are not available in regular sizes, and so you may have to cut down your canvas to fit. A good tip is to go for a frame that is slightly smaller than your diamond art painting. An extra tip is to frame the piece without a glass cover or may decrease the shine intensity of the beads.


Stretcher bar frames are ideal for framing your finished diamond art painting. They also come in several sizes and forms to choose from. The only thing is to check the measurements of your piece first and then decide whether you prefer the artwork to expand around the tips or if you’d like a border. You will also need to have a staple gun to keep in place. Otherwise, you can take some U-shape nails to secure the canvas in a more polished and organized manner.


Another option is to attach your diamond painting on an art canvas. Ensure that the canvas is a 2” at least smaller length and width-wise to enable the expansion of your diamond painting around it. The next step is to shield the backside of the canvas with a craft adhesive, spreading it uniformly across the edges. Press the sticked blank canvas onto a diamond art canvas when it's still wet and tacky, position it in the centre and cut off the edges leaving at least 2” inches off. Note that the adhesive has to be totally dry and tacky before hanging the piece.


If you prefer, you can get your diamond art painting professionally framed. If you can’t figure out which frame to choose, you can personalize the frame yourself. So visit an art frame shop or a typical craft store to get your desired framing look.

Find All The Necessary Diamond Painting Tools

As your diamond art projects become a hobby, there are some new tools emerging every day. Some diamond art fans are even creating their own handy tools and systems to achieve their personal targets and complete their piece of art more easily.
Have you found a tool that motivated you to engage yourself with diamond art? Let us know in the comments below...

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