№15. 4 Handy Diamond Painting Tricks

Whether you are a newbie in the world of diamond painting or you are a seasoned diamond painter, we have gathered a few helpful pieces of advice to take your diamond painting to a whole new level. Any diamond beads that are applied to craft an appealing mosaic-like picture on paintings come typically in a square and rounded form, each with their own set of pros and cons. Some folks may use a mixture of both shapes to craft a more varied and unique result. Usually, though, the square beads tend to be more tricky to work with so if you do have the time and effort to spend on a square diamond painting, get a quality square diamond set and consider these following tips and tricks to craft a beautiful showpiece.

Bead shapes: Square Vs Round Diamond

These two diamond shapes have upper facets for achieving that “diamond” look and a compact underlayer to enable an easier attachment of the diamond beads to the paper pattern. Rounded diamond beads are less tricky to handle as they don’t need to be arranged perfectly every time and they are more “forgiving” to minor mistakes. Obviously, regardless of the shape you use, you have to ensure that your beads are placed in straight stripes for a flawless result every time. However, when working with square beads, you have to be extra careful as any poorly lined beads will look apparent because the tips of the beads will join each other. If you are using rounded diamond beads, you can leave a bit of empty distance between each as their form makes it next to impossible to fill in any empty spots among them. Thus, consider this before you get a square diamond painting set if this is your first time working with square beads.

Square Diamond Beads: Best Advice 


It may look unimportant, but where you choose to put your tray with the square diamond beads will have a huge impact on the final result. To craft your completed painting, you have to use a placing tool together with wax pads to collect all the separate beads and meticulously put each bead on the appropriate spot as outlined on the painting’s pattern. Since you need to transfer the bead from the tray to the paper pattern, you better keep it in line with your painting and in close proximity to the spot you are working. This will aid you in keeping the beads in a straight line instead of attempting to put them at an angle.


For more seasoned diamont art crafters, getting a multi-placing tool can greatly complement your tool set as it will enable you to place several diamonds in a single line simultaneously. Becoming adept at this kind of tool may be tricky for starters because you are still practicing the way to handle the beads and the matching wax. It can also be challenging to use multiple beads at the same time or if you are still struggling to arrange your square beads. If you have confidence in your diamond painting skills, you better get one of these multi-placers to make the task of placing the square beads closer together much easier and quicker.


One of most challenging elements of using square diamond beads is that it may actually be trickier to align them flawlessly. Most folks believe that the compact tips of the square beads will enable an easier placement in the right spot, however, these flat tips may actually make any poorly lined bead with its neighbor more obvious. A straightener, in this case, will save you plenty of time and effort as it lets you do simple touch-ups on the placement of a square beat, aligning them more evenly.


This tip is very important and you need to remember that: you always have to keep additional tools and materials on the side. As you are working more on your diamond painting art, you’ll start to gather additional beads and wax that you haven’t used in your former diamond kit. We advise you to get an organizer and an extra tool and wax kit in case you haven’t finished your painting yet or you don’t have any spare wax to work with. Having extra materials on the side will let you work on your painting project whenever your inspiration calls you.

Embrace The Challenge of A Square Diamond Painting Set

Dealing with a diamond art painting task is among the most exciting ways to spare your free time alone or with others. If you have set your eyes to a more advanced set, buy a diamond painting with square beads and follow our useful tips here to craft something that is show-worthy. Remember that “practice makes perfect” so practice regularly until you get the hang of more challenging painting patterns.


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