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№ 16. 3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Light Panel For Your Diamond Painting


We totally get why you are becoming so really into the whole diamond painting thing; it’s an totally exciting craft to do alone or with others and you’ll have a lovely showpiece to show later to the world. But, if you take your diamond art projects seriously, there are some basic tools that you can get to enhance your entire experience. A LED panel for diamond paintings can vastly boost your precision skills when putting the beads to the painting pattern and they also offer you extra light to work on your painting if you are creating it in a dark space.

So check out the perks of getting a light panel and find out more on extra tools for all your diamond painting needs.

What Is A LED Pad/Panel?

A diamond painting board, pad, box or panel is a compact and thin desk-like surface that is connected to lighten up the crafting surface. The aim of a light square is to generate a source of illumination from below an object, paper piece or painting pattern. Different types of artists use such lighting tools to make their art projects much easier to work with. For instance, you may use a light pad as a creative to help shed some light to the pattern you are working with, allowing you to have a clearer surface to do your craft with the necessary illumination. Besides artists, professional photographers also use light panels to check the negative spots of a film or slides of their taken images.
For diamond painters like us, a light board is a perfect tool that will illuminate the grid pattern you have to work with and enable a much easier bead sticking process as you’ll see exactly where you’ll place the beads and check all the different shades illustrated in the grid.

Reasons To Get A Light Board For A Diamond Painting


Although your finished diamond art painting is typically quite big, the faceted beads that produce this result are actually tiny, which means that the squares that host the beads are tiny as well. It’s pretty common for some folks to have trouble viewing each individual bit on a diamond painting grid. In some cases, two shades can appear very similar, particularly when put next to each other.
A LED light board can help banish this problem for good, as it illuminates the grid, giving a more distinct appearance to each square bit. This will allow you to discern better any specific shades or color pattern shifts as you are doing the painting. The more you look at a certain picture (in normal lighting settings), the more challenging it gets to view minor details like these above, which makes a lighting pad a necessary tool to have in such cases.



For many of us, diamond painting is a relaxing and focused nighttime activity. If you have some free time to spare every evening to do your latest project, you may realize that it’s tricky to work on a diamond painting during nighttime. The absence of natural UV light along with the lighting settings of your house can make it hard to sort out the painting pattern clearly.

A diamond painting LED board can quickly solve this issue. The beauty of having a LED light pad is that it emits LED light via a clear surface e.g. a diamond painting pattern. This extra light will allow you to do your painting project whenever you are and regardless if it’s day or night out.


If you are a busy creative who switches places regularly, you’ll most probably wish to bring your creations with you. The problem is, moving your painting around from one spot to another can mess things up as you won’t be able to see the grid clearly every time. So having your light pad in hand can solve this inconvenience in the same manner it does with the former problems.

However, it’s understandable that some people may not want to carry the extra load in their tool kits. This is no problem as our lighting kit is extra thin and lightweight, making its carriage a breeze.

Go To The Next Level Of Your Painting game with A LED Board

Here at Diamond-Painting, we are truly committed to supporting the creativity of our clients and hope to motivate everyone to reach the results that they want. Creating a diamond painting is a great way to ease your stress levels and keep anxiety under control while learning a fun and useful creative skill.
Buy our collection of jaw-dropping painting sets available in a wide collection of categories such as people, animals, seasons, and urban landmarks. Once you have chosen your set, you can now check if you have all the supplies you need featuring our handy diamond art tools e.g. a diamond LED light board. Choose the pattern that appeals to you the most and start crafting.

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