№13 Amazing Diamond Art Kits Ideal for Animal Lovers

Are you searching for a brand-new hobby that is both relaxing and rewarding at the same time? Hobbies can help you blow off steam and learn a useful skill at the same time. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that people who are open to learning new things are quicker at picking up useful skills, which makes it all the more important to try out new crafting projects and activities. If you’re searching for an incredibly fun hobby that will also create something magical and stimulate your mind simultaneously, check out our animal diamond art paintings. Our mosaic diamond art paintings have an evocative predetermined pattern, which makes use of bright diamond-like beads for creating a large picture, which you can either display on your walls or gift to your loved ones. Consider checking out our assortment of incredibly diamond art kits, which is one of the largest you’ll find on the diamond art market.

Why Are Animal Diamond Art Kits So Engrossing?


A diamond art project is perfect for people looking to work on something creative during the weekend or the vacation. It’s a great at-home art craft that can be completed at your pace during your leisure time. Enthusiasts often graduate to challenging diamond art kits after experimenting with the easier ones. Certain people prefer to work on their diamond art paintings during free time at the office to relax their minds. Some keep their kits at home while others may collaborate with friends to complete challenging diamond art kits. There are many other benefits to be gained by creating diamond art paintings as well:

  • Exhibits Your Interests to The World

Everybody has unique interests and hobbies that we like showing off to others. People love the items they’ve created, which is why animal diamond paintings are a perfect hobby. You can hang them in your office or home to show the love you have for animals. When we frequent a space repeatedly, like an office or workspace, we often tend to decorate such spaces with pictures of family or friends, inspiring pieces of art, and images of things or items we love, such as music bands, TV shows, movies, animals, etc. Any one of our beautiful animal diamond paintings will make for an amazing addition to your office space or the walls of your house.

  • Matches Home Décor

If you’re an animal lover, you’re likely to own adorable decorations on your walls featuring your beloved animals. Boost your animal décor game with a splendid animal diamond painting from our bedazzling selection of paintings, featuring animals in different activities or mythical animals galloping around. Everything eventually boils down to your personal taste. People tend to shop for painting kits, which share a similar color scheme with their existing home décor. Doing so can help you find the ideal place for hanging your next grand piece of art.

  • Take on New Challenging Diamond Art Projects

Passionate diamond art painters are often on the prowl for new, engaging challenges. Diamond art paintings with animal depictions tend to be extremely detail-oriented, thus offering a delightful challenge to artists who prefer intricacy in their works of art. Animal diamond art paintings require more effort compared to regular paintings and force you to upgrade your abilities to get it right. This is the best way to turn into a more creative, sophisticated artist who can tackle even the most demanding projects with ease. 

  • Gift It to Your Loved Ones

We often find ourselves confused over what to gift to our family and friends on special events. Giving a homemade gift to your loved ones makes it a sweeter gesture. That’s why we always love to gift diamond art kits to our loved ones. You may either complete the art project on your own and gift an incredibly beautiful decoration to your friend or give them a brand-new kit to your friend if they are art-savvy to begin with, and give them the joy of creating an exquisite and stunning piece of art. Apart from making for the perfect graduation or birthday gift, diamond art kits can also be gifted to family members or friends who are recovering from sicknesses since it’s a safe and fun activity that can be done from the comforts of their bedroom!


Creative Home Hobby

When you have a hobby you really like, there are several benefits to be gained, including stress relief, boredom relief, a boost to your patience and self-confidence levels along with ample distraction from your bad habits. If you’re working a stressful job, which constantly leave you physically exhausted or/and mentally drained by the day’s end, it’s important to have a hobby that will let your mind relax, lowering your level of stress and eliminate feelings from overwhelming your mind. Crafting can also help you learn new skills or cope up with boredom. Once you’re done with the project, you’ll be surprised how amazing your diamond painting has turned out, which will boost your confidence tremendously.

Brain Boost 

Some of us may go through occasional bouts of unproductivity and boredom where we search for new, exciting projects, which offer a tangible sense of purpose and achievement. Crafts like diamond art painting let you move at a leisurely pace while you create more mosaic pieces of art, thus keeping you motivated and alert. It’s well-known that learning new skills can sharpen your brain and make it easier to learn more going ahead. Once you’re done with your creation, you’ll experience a surge in excitement and motivation that will lead to the next big project.

Diamond Art Kits That Animal Lovers Will Enjoy



  • Unicorn With Baby Unicorn – We’ve often been enthralled by tales of the mystical unicorn, a stunning creature that has a marvelous ethereal appearance. Famous artists have often tried to convey the love and emotions associated with motherhood through their artwork. This painting is ideal for diamond painting enthusiasts who enjoy learning about mythical animals. We recommend hanging this in your child’s room to showcase the love and affection that exists between a mother and her children.
  • Black Unicorn and Butterflies – It’s a unique unicorn diamond art painting that gives off a distinct warrior vibe. The unicorn’s resilience and strength are showcased through this painting. The butterflies serve as a contrast to the unicorn’s own dark colors, which reflect a poignant appearance. It’s a great piece of art that will blend in nicely on your walls.



  • Cats Home— This painting hangs in our entryway as it conveys a warm and affectionate feeling to anyone who sees it.
  • House Cat — Cats have become part of our daily lives so much that it’s rare to find a household without one. With green eyes and a greenish tinge to the painting, you definitely want this one
  • Cats and Owl - This painting is the epitome of cuteness with a disarming owl sitting quietly amidst three cats who look just as surprised.
  • Cats and Colorful Butterfly — It shows a cat pictured in black and white with a single butterfly fluttering around in color as the cat stares intensely at it.
  • Butterflies, Flowers, and Cats — The cats seem to be having an amazing time with the butterflies and flowers in their basket, showcasing their playful nature at its finest.
  • Cute Cats— This will make for a funky, fun addition to your décor, thanks to its colorful and welcoming vibe that brightens up every room it is placed in.
  • Ghost Cat — There’s a sense of mystery and ominous tension around this painting with its blue and yellow hues lending a distinctively spooky air.
  • Reflection Cat — When they’re not busy being cute, cats often adopt a pensive, brooding stance that we often catch them with. This painting depicts a cat gazing at its reflection in curiosity. What do you reckon it’s thinking?
  • Cat’s Eyes — It’s going to be a difficult challenge to not fall in love with the color of this cat’s eyes. With deep blue eyes that seem to penetrate everything they see, you’re going to have a well-made masterpiece on your hands once you’re done with this masterpiece.
  • Cat and Tiger — Did you know that cats and tigers are cousins that evolved from the same ancestor? This painting perfectly juxtaposes this ancient relationship with them. There is a tiger’s roar that can be heard in every cat purr.



  • Dogs on the Hunt — This painting depicts dogs in the midst of a ferocious hunt, spurred ahead by their human masters. They’ve got a focused, determined look in their eyes that prove they won’t stop at anything.
  • Dog Wonder — There’s no doubt that this dog species is among the cutest in existence, thanks to their expressive eyes and fluffy coat. If you’re in love with your dogs like we are, you’ll hang this one up as soon as you finish it.


  • Lion Family — Creatures like lions are in a league of their own, with a majestic air enveloping them no matter how you look at them. This painting shows a family of lions tending to each other.
  • White Tiger — This painting is one of our bestselling animal diamond painting designs that will jazz up your home decor.
  • Colorful Lion — If you’re looking for a colorful painting with a regal appearance, you can’t do better than this. You’ll have your hands full managing the color balance in this painting.



  • Night Owls — These cute owls on a tree branch remind us of the simpler things in life – companionship – best depicted by the two owls basking in the moonlight.
  • Flying Eagle — The majestic eagle never fails to leave us filled to the brim with a sense of awe and amazement as it glides through the air without ever fluttering its wings even the tiniest bit. Set against the setting sun, you’ll be proud of this painting when you’re done.
  • Colorful Owl — You might find this diamond painting to be the most challenging one on this list. You need to use geometrical precision to get the colors on this owl right. With an amazing range of colors, this is most definitely going up on the wall.



  • Twin Wolf — Wolves have always fascinated human beings everywhere around the world due to their reluctance to ever submit to our will. This painting displays a mystical side to them that transcends reality.
  • Wolf Moon — In this painting, we get to see the eternal connection between the moon’s phases and the wolf, which is a wonderful mystical element that only goes to show how everything you see has some magical connection to everything else.
  • Lone Wolf — We’ve always been intrigued by images of the lone wolf – it always forces us to ask ‘Where is it going?’ It’s a reflection of human nature itself, our eternal struggle to get through life on our own.


  • Dragons on the Temple Roof — Mythical creatures have captured mankind’s fancy for millennia, which is what drives diamond art painting enthusiasts into getting this wonderful painting for themselves. The two entwined dragons are a powerfully evocative image that you’re unlikely to forget.
  • Dragon Skeleton — It’s a poignant remark on how even the best, brightest, wisest, and strongest of us have to return to ashes and bones in the end. The Dragon Skeleton painting is one of those paintings that always spawns a conversation while you’re in the company of friends



  • Black and White Rhino — This black and white painting of the mighty rhino captures it in all its glory. It goes well when set against the backdrop of a white wall in your house.
  • Running Horses — Is there a sight more awe-inspiring and satisfying than that of a pack of horses running through the forests like there’s no tomorrow? Set in the fall, the horses are having a great time galloping through the forest.


Get Creative

If you’re looking for the very best diamond art paintings you can find on the market today, contact us today! We’ve got enough tutorials and kits that will make you an absolute pro by the time you’re done. Select our diamond art paintings to start learning an amazing skill that will eliminate feelings of anxiety and stress, which can be practiced either with your friends or with your own solitude for company.

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