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What Makes Diamond Art Customers Frustrated? Read Below to Find Out!

While a new craft, diamond painting is a domain that’s rising in popularity. Art specialists everywhere are trying to enter its market, and this gives customers many options when picking their canvas! At least initially… You see, one of the problems with the diamond art market is quality. Getting a durable and easy-to-use kit is hard. Plus, finishing a diamond art painting requires a few hours, so the materials for it have to be top-notch! The last thing you need is to spend hours painting, only to feel disappointed with the end result. And that’s a common complaint we find in many review sections. They all critique how mass market outlets (like Amazon or AliExpress) sell cheap canvases that are...

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Framing Diamond Paintings: 4 Tips to Help You Out!

Framing is an important part of structuring your art. With a frame, you give your work a good container to complement it. It’s a part of the final look, and it creates a strong impression on those who see it. You’ll especially need frames you want to hang up your diamond paintings. That is, if you’re hanging them at home, in an office, or shipping them to a friend, then a frame adds to the look! So how do you accomplish that? We’ll explain that through the 4 tips below. Check them out, and finalize your art piece! First – Know Your Options. There are a multitude of ways to display diamond arts. They range from standard frames, to artist...

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Diamond Painting: What is It?

Looking for a new visual trend? Want to catch the train on something that’ll dominate the art and crafting worlds? If so, diamond art painting is what you should try! This style focuses on canvas painting that uses rich pigments. They’re meant to be colorful (and as the world diamond implies), shining, sparkly, and somewhat geometric! But Why Try It? Let’s just say that its practitioners find it less stressful than other forms of painting. There’s a sense of structure in this art form especially as you put diamond together piece by piece. Slowly, as the full image begins to manifest, you’ll end up with an amazing work of art! It’s also an easy entry point for inspiring artists. Not...

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6 Factors to Consider When Selecting Photos for your Custom Painting!

Ever asked yourself how to paint a memory? You see, everyone takes photos for their favorite moments in life. But there are many ways to make these recordings even more beautiful. And one of those is to make a custom painting using diamond art! This option allows you to turn a dear memory into a beautiful painting. You can have that hanging on a wall to remind you and loved ones of the old times! Want to know what the best part is? You can create everything with your own hands, leading to a stunning, meaningful and unique result! However, there’s one thing to keep in-mind. You’re not picking a ready-made kit to paint your memories. You’ll actually need a...

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Here’s The Reason Your Diamond Painting is Lacking Details

Trying to judge an art kit by its size? If so, here’s a little tip to help you out. Most experienced painters think that the bigger the art kit, the better it is. For newcomers to this craft, this might be bad news. After all, if you are just starting out with diamond art, you’ll normally like the smaller paintings (since they’re clearer and cheaper). But small paintings aren’t all there is. That is, you should have a better focus in-mind. When making a larger painting, you’ll find it as more realistic and more detailed, and you’ll find yourself putting more consideration into it. So below, we’ll discuss how you can pick a suitable canvas for your upcoming painting! First...

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